Infrastructure Application

Langley Sustainable Urban Extension

Strategic Infrastructure Planning Application

A Strategic Infrastructure Planning Application was submitted to Birmingham City Council in July 2023 (ref: 2023/04517/PA).  

This followed community and stakeholder engagement on the strategic infrastructure plans in 2022, which involved consultation with local residents and ongoing liaison with local stakeholders, including the local Consultative Forum, Birmingham City Council, Highways England, Transport for West Midlands and Warwickshire County Council.  

 Details of the public engagement event held in November 2022 are available here.

This infrastructure application includes:  

  • Three new community parks in the north, centre and south of the site
  • Informal playing pitches, equipped play areas and recreational routes for walking, cycling and running with 30% of the overall site ultimately provided as green infrastructure
  • A network of new and existing roads, with walking and cycling routes separated from traffic along most primary and secondary streets to encourage active travel 
  • Roads designed to enable bus routes within the site and facilitate Bus Rapid Transit through the site
  • The opening up of the Langley Brook Corridor to create a new linear park, providing a key north-south green link
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) with opportunities for habitat creation and wider amenity