Character Areas

Character Areas

An analysis of the surrounding context and the natural features of the site has led to the creation of distinct character areas. These include, Langley Hall; Langley Brook; Langley Central; Langley Heath; Langley Penns; Langley Fields.

Design Codes will be submitted to Birmingham City Council to establish a series of design principles to guide the detailed design for each of these Character Areas. These Design Codes will be subject to public consultation. A separate design code for the areas of on-site strategic infrastructure is being submitted with the strategic infrastructure planning application.

Langley Hall

Will be characterised by its landscape and topography together with the heritage and archaeological assets at and adjacent to Old Langley Hall. The area will accommodate predominantly family-style homes. A primary school, community hub and Langley Hall Park will provide a focus. An important element is Langley Hall Park and the network of green links and swales connecting to Langley Brook Park.

Langley Brook

Will be characterised by its proximity to Springfield Road and Langley Brook Park. The landscape proposals for the park aim to reconfigure the drainage profile to provide a unique, water-managed parkland. Pedestrian and cycleways will link through to Langley Central and the district centre. The new homes either-side of Langley Brook will overlook and front onto Langley Brook Park.

Langley Central

Will provide the civic heart to the Langley development. This central area will include the district centre with multi-functional community buildings, including primary and secondary education and post-16 educational facilities, a medical practice, retail and service facilities alongside higher density residential living and new civic public spaces.

Langley Heath

Will be characterised by its landscape and topography. The area will accommodate predominantly family-style homes located within an undulating landscape interfacing with the new sports hub and Langley Heath Park. Pedestrian and cycle routes will provide connectivity to the sports hub and Langley Heath Park as well as Langley Central. The proposed northern junction onto the A38 from Ox Leys Road is located at the north-eastern corner of Langley Heath.

Langley Penns

The presence of mature trees, woodland, an existing public right of way footpath, ponds and heritage assets requires a bespoke country estate/farmstead style development. To preserve trees and respond to its natural context, organic development parcels will be used. The new homes will include largely detached and  semi-detached dwellings arranged in clusters.

Langley Fields

Langley Fields will be a more urban residential environment with a community hub, including a primary school and central green space. The proposed Peddimore/A38 junction will provide a major gateway, not just to Langley Fields but to Langley as a whole. Langley Fields Park will help retain existing landscape features as well as providing opportunities for play and recreation.

“Langley will set an exemplar for a high-quality sustainable development, providing a range of homes carefully designed to reflect the local area.”